Sear Lever
Sear Lever

Crosman Challenger CH2009 Sear Lever

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CH2009 Rebuild Kit
CH2009 Rebuild Kit

This is a complete rebuild kit for the Crosman Challenger 2009 PCP air rifle.

2) Valve Outer o-rings

1) Valve Inner o-ring

2) Valve Stem

2) Fill Adapter o-rings

2) Gauge Port o-rings

1) Cap o-ring

2) Bolt o-ring

2) Stainless Steel Balls

1) Bolt Breech o-ring

1) Breech Gasket

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Crosman Challenger CH2009 Air Rifle
Crosman Challenger CH2009 Air Rifle

Crosman is proud to introduce to the world the latest and greatest in competition airguns; the all new Challenger PCP. This Sporter Class air rifle was recently reviewed by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council’s committee and was approved as … Read More

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