Maverick-Mini™ Airgun Moderator


note: The natural color MAV-3 have been discontinued.

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Our Maverick-Mini moderators have been specifically engineered and designed to work best with the Crosman Crosman American Classic 1377/1322, 1300KT pumper class of airguns.

This shortened moderator design uses the same monolithic technology as our 5″ Maverick moderators. However, the mini version was designed with us indoor shooters in mind.

When we’re shooting our pumper pistol in the garage, hallway, bedroom, basement or office, we all like to keep the ricocheting pellets to a minimum.

And because we like using common scene, we only give our airguns a few pumps necessary to get the pellets to the target.

But, even with only a few pumps these little pumper airguns can give off an annoying bark.


Well, this is were the MAV-3 moderator really comes in handy…

…… this little guy will do exactly that and help tame your 1377 or 1322 and Marauder Pistol to a manageable level.

Our mini moderators are sure to make your airgun shooting a more pleasurable experience and they also work great for keeping your family members as well as the neighbors from becoming alarmed.



1)  MAV-3 Mini Airgun Moderator (Black)


Made in the USA

Standard 1/2-20 airgun moderator threads

Monolithic Design

High Impact Resistant Phenolic Shroud

Extremely Durable Delrin® main body



What is the decibel reduction on these moderators?


We have found that decibel readings are subjective to the quality of the test equipment being used in the testing process.

Testing these products seem to cause controversy do to no standards set for airgun moderators. Therefore we choose not to make any measurable claims to our product.


How do you these moderators compare with others out there?


Our compact monolithic design is comparable, if not superior to others of the same size, on the market today.


How do these moderators effect the performance, accuracy or POI?


Our moderator will not effect the accuracy or POI changes that can not be rectified by making the necessary adjustment to your sights or optics.


One thing to remember…. in many cases Hollywood has portrayed the moderator, suppressor, silencer or whatever name it goes by – to be more magical than what they truly are.

Sometimes airgun moderators are refereed to being as quiet as a “MouseFart”.  We would like to make the claim that our moderators are almost as quiet as a mouse fart. But, we need to test some more mice.

Note: Airgun and threaded adapter are Not included.


DISCLAIMER: These products are INTENDED for the use on airguns only.  It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent for which it was intended for. Click here to read more on the court ruling between airgun suppressor and firearm suppressors. It is your Responsibility to know the laws in your country, state, county and city and to fully comply with them.

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Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in


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