Welcome to Maverick Custom Airguns (MCAirguns)

We at Maverick Custom Airguns are very passionate about Crosman® PCP and CO2 airguns. Our focus is on providing customized and competition class Crosman® airguns, along with parts and service.

  • Challenger Dual Fuel Air Rifle (.177) – Approved for use in Sporter Class air rifle competitions, Features a Lothar Walther™ barrel.
  • 1701P Silhouette PCP Pistol (.177) – Meets IHMSA and NRA competition requirements. Features a Lothar Walther™ barrel.
  • 1720T Field Target PCP Pistol (.177) – Meets AAFTA competition requirements. Features a Lothar Walther™ barrel.
  • 2300S Silhouette CO2 Pistol (.177) –  Meets IHMSA rules for Production Class Silhouette competitions.
  • 2300T Target CO2 Pistol (.177) – Affordable competition pistol for clubs and teaching organizations.

MCAirguns is very proud to offer our own custom airguns.

  • The Gentlemen’s 2240™ – built on the Crosman 2240 CO2 platform
  • The  2300MS Signature Series™ – built on the Crosman 2300 CO2 platform

We specialize in providing you with hand picked accessories and custom upgrade parts, which you can add to fully customize your own Crosman® airguns.

All of our MCAirgun™ custom parts and accessories are proudly made in the U.S.A.     -Mav