1377 1322 Barrel Band Installation Tool Kit


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If you’re thinking about removing and replacing the plastic front sight/barrel band with one of our upgrade sight/barrel bands.

It is highly recommended you buy this tool kit…

Although it is not necessary to use this tool kit, it will defiantly make the install process go a lot easier.

The pin removal tool is specially designed to remove roll pins like those found in Crosman 1377 and 1322 airguns.

Some people say they use a pointed punch or a nail to remove the roll pin.

But, using that type of punch can expand the roll pin causing it to deform and jam in place.

Because, our tool has a flat end with a small alignment post.

It will not expand the roll pin, making it easy to tap out the pin with a hammer.

The 13/64″ high speed drill bit is perfectly sized to enlarge the old pivot pin hole to help align the main tube to the new barrel band/sight.

The 2/32″ hex wrench is used to tighten the barrel band – barrel set screw once you have the new barrel band installed.

Barrel Band Installation Tool Kit Includes:

1) 5/16″ pivot roll pin punch

1) 13/64″ HSS drill bit

1) 3/32″ hex wrench

MADE in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .75 × .375 in


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